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Monday, June 9, 2014

jonah bear- FOUR months!

Jonah bear hit the FOUR month mark this weekend. That's one third of a whole year if you're doing the math. And that's crazy if you're a mama who wants time with her last tiny baby to slow down. This boy, I'm telling you, is the sweetest. He now smiles and laughs at absolutely everything. I love when I'm in the middle of doing something and I'll look over to check on him and will find him just staring at me with the biggest smile on his face and then he erupts in laughter when he realizes he got my attention. Adorable. He is also incapable of sitting still and moves constantly. Dan admitted the other day that he wouldn't have wanted  to be pregnant with Jonah with all his kicking and wiggling... and I reminded him of how almost daily I would tell him that I had a ninja growing inside me. This month he has also mastered rolling over in both directions, taking naps like a champ, swinging in his baby swing and definitely craves the attention of his big brother and sister (which is never in short supply). Jonah, we couldn't love you more, little man...

Update: We had Jonah's 4 month well- check and here are his stats-
Height- 26" (76%)
Weight- 15lbs, 7.1oz (42%)

Jackson at 4 months HERE. -he was 15lbs, 10.5oz & 25 3/4" long (almost exact same as Jonah!)
Audrey at 4 months HERE. -she was 13lbs, 12oz & 24" long

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