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Monday, June 2, 2014

(catching up) ... school's out, for the summer!

Jackson ended his first year of preschool a couple of weeks ago... umm, that FLEW by! Thankfully we still have another 19 years of school before we pack his bags for Purdue. 

On the last day of school they had a celebration program which was completely adorable. I took both Jackson and Canaan since Jessie and BJ left that day to bring Lainey home - it was so sweet watching them both stand together and sing on stage for their last day at Bright Christian Preschool and I couldn't help but feel proud at how far Jackson has come this year in having more confidence in front of a group. Just months ago he would either not sing at all or if he saw me he would break into tears from being nervous, but not this day, this day he saw me and smiled and then followed every direction from Mrs. Stone. 

After the program was over we went to Snappy Tomato Pizza where the boys made their own pizzas with their class. I think between the two of them they said "Snappy Tomato" about two hundred times. It must have been 4 year old humor- every time they said it they would both laugh so hard... I love those two monsters. 

(the fake smiles are from not wanting to stand in the rain for a picture, but the hand-holding is not fake- that was all them)

Here are some videos I took:

Their entrance into the program:

Saying the Pledge of Allegiance & to the Christian Flag:

Singing The Bible Song- a quick video that I took because Canaan was so into this song :)

Towards the end of the program:

Making pizza:

More pizza-making:

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