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Saturday, June 7, 2014

{life lately}

Life lately has been filled with all things summer... but just please don't say "summer" to Jackson because Mr. Exact knows that it's technically still Spring so in his words, "why do people lie and say it's summer?" 

I have been working with Jonah this week on his nap schedule, aiming for more consistency in hopes that it will carry over to some better sleeping at night. So far, it hasn't, but a girl can hope. He has, however, been rocking nap time with a longer morning and afternoon nap where he puts himself to sleep. Go, little man, go... SLEEP through the night, already!

This week I was finally - finally! - able to get back to running after hurting my back. I have been taking  it easier than my mind wants to, but so far, so good. Half-marathon, here we come!

Some people bar-hop, we tend to park-hop... 

And nothing says "summer" like a drive-in movie... 

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