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Friday, November 5, 2010

Day #3 of Thanks-Giving

sometimes (most times, really) it's the most simple and seemingly basic things that end up making my day and for these things i am thankful this morning...

starbucks holiday cups are out
i went to bed earlier than I have in over a year twice this week
candles lit throughout the house
the way jackson's face lights up when he realizes dan & i are watching him play
work-from-home fridays
my purdue alumnus magazine that came this week with drew brees on the cover
heated seats in the car
it is FRIDAY
that snow "flakes" are in the forecast
the holidays are right around the corner
that jackson now sticks his tongue out and proudly points to it
this video, please watch it:
my fuzzy warm uggs
jp all bundled up in his winter clothes

those are just a few that quickly came to mind. there are so, so many more. i am one lucky lady. it's easy to forget that sometimes. it's funny how easy it is to remember all of the things going 'wrong' but how quickly we forget the many, many more things that are going 'right.' so i'll add one more to the list: i am also thankful for this month to focus on giving thanks.

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