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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Days like this

I am eternally thankful for days like this. Days that include maximum one-on-one time with Jackson, quality time with my mom, introducing JP to my favorite bookstore, shopping at my favorite grocery market and just total peace and relaxation. 

 JP and I have been reading books together since the day he was born. We read at random times throughout the day and always right before bed time. His love and appreciation for books has been a work in progress. He used to just fall asleep when I read to him. Then he would try to tear up the books. This of course progressed to using them as a teether. Now I think most of the time he truly enjoys story time although the biggest bonus in his mind is that the longer I read the farther away bed time becomes. I can only imagine how much more thrilling that will become to him over the next few years.

Aside from the countless educational and developmental benefits of reading to him, I also do it because I love reading. I always have. For as long as I can remember I have been in love with books and this is a passion that Dan shares with me. So, JP was destined to be a book nerd as well, like it or not. 

Walking into any bookstore is an instant mood-booster for me. It is my "candy store." I just can't get enough and I could spend all day going aisle to aisle, reading bits and pieces of this and that, trying to contain my almost uncontrollable urge to buy way too much. Today was no exception- especially since I was in my all-time favorite book store. If you have never been to Joseph Beth Booksellers and you have one near you, I highly, highly recommend that you go. 

Today was especially special because for the first time I was able to experience the children's section of Joseph-Beth for the first time with my little man. And by children's "section" I really mean children's wing because it in itself could be an entire store on its own, complete with a story time area, toys, puzzles, you name it. Jackson LOVED it and thought he was big stuff playing alongside the bigger kids. Mama and Nanna both came in at a far second place in comparison.  

We managed to tear the little man away with minimal outbursts and came home with some treasures- flashcards, a few books to add to his collection, some magnetic wooden ABCs for the refrigerator and some spanish learning books. That is what this mama considers a successful afternoon at the bookstore! 

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