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Sunday, November 21, 2010

so full of THANKS

Please forgive me for my slack-ish ways in giving thanks each day. Please excuse me while I now catch up with a re-cap of some big things, some small things and some in-between things... I believe I left off on #5 in my quest for 25 days of Thanksgiving:

#5: For many of the unusually warm days that we have had recently. It has given us extra time to be outside, to take walks, to go to the park... 

#6: A "thank you" in advance for some SNOW hopefully soon!?! It is so much more fun to get into the Christmas spirit with some of that yummy, fluffy white stuff flying around. 

#7: For my eldest puppy son, Sammy Davis, who I love so much. His fair share of affection and cuddling has decreased significantly this year with Jackson's arrival, but he has handled it like the mature big brother that he is. I just can't get enough of his fluffy little face that lights up every time we come home. Dogs really have the idea of unconditional love down much better than the rest of us I think.

#8: For my faith that keeps getting stronger. I prayed for a very long time that God show me the way to a better relationship with Him and that prayer gets answered over and over again, especially this past year. 

#9: For Peppermint White Mochas at Starbucks. For coffee in general. I am in so much trouble when I have to give it up again whenever baby #2 comes along. 

#10: My my nieces and nephew. I am so thankful that Jackson is going to have so many best friends to grow up with. He and Josie already seem to have an amazing bond that I just adore. 

#11: For my magnetic, dry erase family calendar that hangs in the kitchen that I'm pretty sure nobody except me pays attention to (i.e. Dan ignores). It makes me happy nonetheless.

#12: This face. Even when it is covered with sweet potatoes and God only knows what else...

To be continued... someone is up from his nap!

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