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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thanksgiving: Round 1

This evening we had round 1 of Thanksgiving. It was the MOST delicious meal. It always is. And my mom, aunts and cousins took great care to create gluten-free versions of everything for Dan. Totally unexpected and unnecessary but completely appreciated. 

The caramel popcorn treats Dan made for everyone. I told him making corn was very fitting since that is the food that brought together the Pilgrims and Indians. He assured me this was very intentional on his part... 

Jackson's 1st Thanksgiving!

B & Moosie

My little gentleman

The Dillers

Before we left for dinner Sammy, Jackson and Dan were playing. This photo cracks me up. Jackson is "dancing" and Sammy appears to be playing dead, just praying that maybe if he lies still enough the little man won't pull his hair again.

My beautiful Alexis

JP with Lexi and Great Uncle Jerry

Trying on his new Thanksgiving PJ's from Nanna

Dan trying to teach Jackson to pet Sammy gently... look at that face- do you see the mischief spewing out of his every pore? And Sammy, poor little Sammy. 

My concerns are again ignited that my baby doesn't get enough attention.

Telling Great Aunt Mary stories

Don't let this innocent face fool you

Playing with Uncle Justin

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  1. Cute cute cute! Love that Dan is already trying to teach JP to pet the dog softly - good luck teaching that lesson :)


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