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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Giving Thanks #14

Being the month of 'thanks-giving' and all I knew that one of my thankful moments would be directed towards my husband.  I am honestly very thankful for him. One thing I have noticed lately is that I am especially thankful for the things that come out of his mouth. Well, actually for roughly 67% of what comes out of his mouth. You see, these words I speak of do 1 of 3 things: 

1. Make me laugh
2. Make me think 
3. Make me want to scream and/or roll my eyes and/or slap him (this is that 3rd of the time that I am not thankful for when he's trying to get a "reaction"...)

Let me give you a few examples of some of the things he has said in just the past few days. I'll leave it up to you to decide which of the above categories each fits in to. 

#1: Context: We are driving in the car when we see a sign that is announcing that Santa Claus will be at a local church in a few weeks for children to come and meet. 

Jessica: "We really need to start thinking about what our stance on Santa Claus is going to be. I don't want Jackson to think that Christmas is in honor of him and not Jesus and I also don't want to paint this big lie for him for years... you know? So, what do you think our stance on Santa Claus should be?"
Dan: "That he ROCKS"
Jessica: "Hi, welcome to an adult mother/father conversation."

#2: Context: Out of nowhere (which makes it even more great) he starts telling me about how he asked the guys he works with 'what is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?' 

Jessica: "So,what is yours, what is the best advice you have ever been given?"
Dan: "Well, I am still narrowing it down, but I am down to my top 3 which are:
1. Do unto others what you would have them do to you.
and the other two are from C.S. Lewis which are
2. Don't judge anyone. Because even if you consider yourself a good person that doesn't make you better than anyone. You see, you have no idea what they are going through or where they are coming from in life.
3. When you get to heaven you are going to have eternity to live over every single decision you ever made and you will feel one of two things: shame or pride. So, don't do a single thing that you will ever be ashamed of."

#3: Context: Normally in the mornings Dan wakes up, feeds the puppies, makes us coffee and is out the door to work in less than 10 minutes. Meanwhile, it takes me at least a very efficient hour to get Jackson and I out the door. Dan is totally ignorant to what this takes. This morning he was home because he has to work through the night tonight so he's home during the day. So, after he watches me run around like a crazy lady getting everything ready for the day and I have Jackson all buckled into his carseat and ready to walk out the door he says to me:

Dan"So this is all you have to do every morning? This is it?"

Oh, husband... LOVE you!

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