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Saturday, September 8, 2012

:30 by 30: "Run a Race with Dan"

This morning I crossed my first item off of the 30 by 30 list! It was to "run a race with Dan." Now, here's the thing, Dan is NOT a runner- as in, he does not run for fun. He thinks running for fun is crazy so a 5k was the best I was going to get with him by my side. And honestly what sealed the deal for him was that anyone who ran this 5K was given a "fast pass" to use for the rest of the day at Honda's (his company) King's Island Day. So, really he did it so he could cut to the front of each roller coaster line and running with me was total bonus because as we know a happy wife is a happy life!

On the way to the race it was pouring rain with no visible end in sight, but luckily right before start time it let up and the cooler weather ended up being so nice to run in. The course took us all around the amusement park, weaving in and out of all the main attractions and even running some 'behind the scenes.' Honda had invited an Olympic Gold Medalist in this distance from the 70s to start the race and he was at the finish line as well and placed my medal on, pretty cool! 

Dan had been trash-talking for weeks about 'leaving me in his dust' and he totally could have. While I run multiple times every week and love it, he is innately in-shape and always one of the most athletic at every sport he tries (so annoying!), but we ran this one side by side and crossed the finish line at exactly the same time. Now I need to try to convince him to run the Thanksgiving Day 10k with me in November. 

The rest of the day was a blast- we were a little over-giddy at the thought of being at the park kid-free and with fast-passes... oh, the roller coaster possibilities! Dan was right, the whole "we get to skip to the front of the line" thing was amazing. A little awkward when passing by all the people waiting, but amazing. Many rides and treats later we reluctantly came back home to our waiting babies who have no idea what they missed out on. Lucky for them next weekend is P&G day at PKI so they can have some fun as well. 

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