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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Happily (very happily) we can now report that JP's surgery is OVER! He was so brave and did so much better than I thought he would. There were absolutely moments of almost unbearable worry and sadness for me to see my baby in the hospital going through those things, but I feel like I earned a mom-badge yesterday. A badge that you never really want to have to earn, but I earned it nonetheless. For the most part everything went really smoothly. We were really impressed with how efficiently they moved us through the pre-op procedures, the surgery itself and then quickly getting us back to his side as soon as possible to be there with him as he woke up. I can't tell you the peace that overcame me as I heard from friend after friend who reached out to let me know they were praying for our little man. I could very tangibly feel the anxiety dissolving in a way that only prayer can do. I'm so humbled with all of the love and support from so many people who love Jackson so much. And we're so thankful (although exhausted) that he is back to acting like a normal, over-active little 2 year old monster. 

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