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Monday, September 17, 2012

the peanut: 3 things.

Do you see the little face up there? That's the peanut and she's killing me today. 

1. I stopped by Target to get her some leggings because clearly her "won't even fit in her closet" because it's too big wardrobe doesn't include any leggings up to my standards. And do you know what I realized? Her size? It's not in the little baby section anymore. It's in the section that is with all of the big girls, the toddler girls. I know this because I searched every single rack in the little baby section and nothing, absolutely nothing for the peanut. Heart-breaking. 
2. She fed herself half a bottle tonight on the way to the grocery store. My peanut does not feed herself. Maybe she would like to, maybe it would be easier, but my peanut does not do that... mommy and daddy do that. It's our job to feed our peanut. Dislike. 
3. And finally, my baby took THREE- count them, 3!- steps tonight. She has been taking 1-2 steps every once in awhile over the past week but tonight we will count them as her official first steps since she did so many in a row. Peanut, thank you for waiting until mommy got home to see, otherwise you would have been in some serious trouble. 

And that's all. Just that my little baby Audrey has completely grown up today, no big deal. I'll just go cry myself to sleep now... 

Update: We checked and it turns out the peanut was exactly ONE day earlier in taking her 1st steps than Jackson as seen HERE

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