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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

prayers please.

My little buddy and I have been getting in a lot of extra snuggles the past couple of days, the number of cuddles has directly correlated to my rising anxiety levels as we get closer and closer to his surgery on Friday. Jackson will be having surgery at Children's Hospital to have a cyst removed from his temple. The location, being so close to his eye and brain, makes it too dangerous to let it go. We are gladly accepting any and all prayers over the next few days for a smooth, safe surgery and recovery for the little man and for minimized anxiety for the rest of us. PS: My super sneaky surgeon stalking skills today resulted in uncovering some major accolades for Dr. Garcia who will be performing the surgery, the man appears to be nothing less than a genius and a saint- all of which makes this mama feel a lot better. 

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  1. Ostyn had surgery this summer for a skin tag. We went to the Liberty campus for it and Dr. Garcia did his too! He did a great job and Ostyn thought he was funny. I would totally recommend him to anyone. I will be praying for you, but I know Jackson will do great.


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