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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

the other roller-coaster.

I must have roller-coasters on the brain from our fun this weekend because today I couldn't help but think of how much of a roller-coaster life can be right now during the work week. It seems like we're trying to manage so much between both of us having full-time careers + two babies 2 and under + still driving hard to realize many dreams and goals both inside and outside of work and the home. It's a lot. A lot of good stuff, but still a lot. And with all of it comes this reality where you can feel on top of the world and like a total champ one minute and like you're drowning the next. It seems to happen only during the work week for me, on the weekends life is a totally different thing without all of the added pressure of deadlines, work politics and complicated projects, but those 5 days in between have their moments of being a total roller-coaster and today was no different. Today's ride included a smooth start, a productive morning, a migraine-filled afternoon and is ending with a chaotic evening of juggling both caring for babies while trying to catch up on some work I feel so behind on. It is the story of a life that is totally bi-polar at times, but thankfully far outweighed with the good and joyful and loving versus the moments of chaos, stress and defeat. 

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