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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Peanut's 1st King's Island Trip

This weekend was P&G's day at King's Island. We weren't sure how JP would be feeling after having surgery on Friday, but when a two year-old is forced to contain energy for more than 24 hours there comes a point when you must release the beast inside and let him run (a little) wild. So, we packed up the babies and went to the amusement park on Saturday. The weather was gorgeous and Jackson LOVED every part of riding the rides and eating the treats (of course). It was so nice for all of us to relax together after such a stressful day before. Jackson was a lot more brave on the rides than I had expected and seemed to be pretty pain-free with the help of children's tylenol, he only mentioned his "ouchie" once and hasn't mentioned it since so I think it's healing nicely although his eye is starting to turn black and blue which we were expecting. So, we're avoiding mirrors for the timing being so he doesn't realize what an "ouchie" he really does have! Ignorance is indeed bliss in this little man's case. 

Jackson's 1st King's Island Trip HERE

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