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Sunday, September 23, 2012

sunday night blues.

I caught the Sunday night blues a lot earlier than normal tonight. I just felt like my Sunday night to-do list was far too long to actually get accomplished. This making of unrealistic to-do lists really isn't anything new for me, but tonight's was just ridiculous considering added to it was a LOT of work that needed to be done to prepare for meetings tomorrow. Anxiety and stress were creeping in quickly. 

It is so hard. It is so hard being a full-time working mom sometimes. Here's the thing, when you're working in the business world nobody really cares that you just went without sleep for the past three years week because you have had a teething baby and a toddler with a cold. Nobody really care that when you get home from work you have a million things to do for your family and then will end up getting back on your computer to finish work when everyone else is headed to bed. Nobody cares that while you're leading meetings and hammering out presentations that you're missing your babies to the point of tears many days. Nobody cares. They, of course, care about you and they care about your family... but what I mean is that they're not going to cut you any breaks. 

And I'm grateful for that in many ways. I know I can be amongst the best both at home and at work, but I'm not going to say that it's easy, because it is so hard and I'm feeling the weight of all of that tonight more than usual. Probably because I'm at the end fo the weekend and feel like the weight of all the pressures weren't lifted at all since I left the office Friday.  

Sorry to be a downer, but I'm tired and just need a break. I'm so thankful for the weekend coming up. We'll be headed out of town for a friend's wedding. So, so needed. The goal of the week between now and then is survival... and hopefully a lot more than that. 

Any advice is welcome :)

PS: One BIG piece of amazing news from his weekend which will probably only be understood by fellow moms is that Jackson finally, finally went #2 consistently on the potty. He has been out of diapers except for his every other day #2 since he turned two in February, but we made HUGE progress this weekend and I think he has said goodbye to diapers once an for all. So proud of him!

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