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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Breakfast with Jackson- week 35

We are in complete hibernation mode this morning.
Attempting to keep our germs to ourselves.
Trying to catch up on rest, hoping that it helps our bodies recover.
One of us finally surrendered to nap time.
One of us is sipping coffee and mentally going through an endless to do list of catch-up work.
One of us is still working on their truck.
I think we are all hoping that I soon find my sanity that has appeared to go MIA over this past week of chaos.

Since our video camera wasn't working earlier this week, we didn't tape JP eating dinner, but here he is eating a breakfast snack this morning. This morning you are having yogurt bites and you certainly are getting awfully good at picking them up!

(and by "our camera wasn't working" what I really mean is that I accidentally hit a button and then couldn't figure out what I did to un-do it...)

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