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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Poppy's Birthday Dinner

Poppy (my dad) turned the big 53 this week, so we celebrated with dinner this evening at Poppy & Nanna's house- JP's favorite place away from home. This was Jackson's favorite kind of party- you know, the kind where he is the center of attention. Where people fight to hold him. Where he gets his way always. And most of all where Poppy will carry him around outside to enjoy the sunset and visit with the Lynard and Skynard (the cows). 
Uncle Juey, Poppy, Dan, Lucy the dog hanging out outside... I can only imagine what they are discussing.

Grandma Roy and Jackson hanging out

Grandma Nanny


JP and Nanna

JP and Grandpa Roy. They get along great because they act the same age :)

Once we got home I was sure my little man would pass out. He had been up for over 7 hours- an all time record for him, but no, he was not finished playing yet. 

Quickly he began to use his toys as a crutch when he just couldn't muster the energy to stand on his own, but he still didn't complain. My sweet boy is a fighter, but I ushered him to bed anyway. I think he was secretly thankful.

Happy Birthday, Poppy!

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