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Friday, October 22, 2010

10 Random Updates

1. JP seems to be getting somewhat better. We found out at the DR that he has a virus that has given him a high fever and blisters in his throat. In other words, he has been in a lot of pain. Poor thing. He went to Nanna's today so I could catch up on some work and his fever seems to be gone- praying that is stays away. If it doesn't he has to go back to the DR tomorrow. 

2. Despite the sickness he has had pockets of a lot of energy and has developed a couple of new tricks. He likes to now sit on the hardwood floors and push himself backwards around the room. This entertained him for at least 15 minutes yesterday. Probably the only 15 minutes I wasn't holding him. He is also crawling in spurts- he still realizes that army-crawling is so much faster for him at this point, so he will crawl on all fours for a few steps and then says forget that I'm doing this my way! And for some reason the only way I could get him to laugh yesterday was by throwing a baseball into the air and saying "ball" when I caught it... he was laughing so hard that he was literally laying on the ground with his face in the rug cracking up. Hilarious. 

3. I am WAY behind in work. It is overwhelming actually. And is going to put somewhat of a damper on this weekend... 

4. Sammy had a vet appointment early this morning for his annual shots. For some reason it is actually harder to watch him get shots than it is to watch JP get them. I have no idea why. This doesn't make sense to me either. 

5. I started a new book this week- "Make the Right Choice" by Joel Zeff. So far, so good. And by "so far" I mean the 3 pages I have had a chance to read. 

6. JP and I went to the library earlier this week. I am so anxious for him to be to the stage where we get to go to reading time there, so I thought we would try on our own. We sat in the children's section and I read him books. It was more like I was reading to myself because he found it far more entertaining to climb on the bookshelves. So, we picked up books in Spanish to read at home along with a couple of CDs to listen to in the car. 

7. The weather continues to be absolutely perfect. Fall at its finest. 

8. LOVE this bible verse that I came across this week: "Am I now trying to win the approval of men.. or of God?" Galatians 1:10 - I've been trying to keep that in mind each day this week. 

9. I signed up for a 5K run at work a few months ago thinking that at this point I would be running longer distances again. Yeah right. JP and I rock the walks, but I doubt we have ran more than a mile at once. The 5K at work is this coming Thursday. Needless to say I am not prepared! Lets hope I don't come in last place in front of all my colleagues :) 

10. 64 days until Christmas. YES- the countdown is ON!

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