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Friday, October 8, 2010

my little man is 8 months old!

My little man turned 8 months old today. 8 months sounds really old to me. Like, he's not a little baby anymore, but on the verge of being a toddler. How is it possible that I am a mom to a little almost toddler boy? I have no idea, but I love it. I love him. And I especially love how much he is continuing to discover right in front of my eyes. Here are some (8 to be exact) developments that have really come about this past month...

1. JP tooth count = 2! He cut both of his first teeth in the same week- who knew teeth could be so adorable?

2. Transitioning from sitting to crawling position to laying down to sitting up... and so on and so on. He never sits still and the beauty of these new skills is that he can do so without so many face plants. 

3. Standing while holding onto objects. He still needs help most of the time getting into the standing position, but once he's there he can hold his own. He especially loves his new activity table- that I have to admit sings some pretty catchy tunes!

4. F.L.I.R.T.- This is not a new one, but rather he continues to get more and more flirty with every stranger he sees. This was especially evident on our trip to Colorado. The #1 remark people made was about his eyes, but the #2 was about how flirty, happy and friendly he was- always working hard to get their attention. Almost to the point of embarrassment sometimes! Although it was very handy on the plane rides- he loves having such a large audience who had no choice but to admire him for the duration of the flight.

5. This is a not-so-fun one- the combination of cutting teeth and the change in routines when we were on vacation (as well as the time zone changes) has made night time sleep horrible for us the past few nights. Where he used to go to sleep so easily and then sleep through the night on his own, he has now been easy to get down at first but then wakes up every hour until I give up and finally bring him to bed with me- he then sleeps like an angel but I don't because I have no room, he kicks me in his sleep, he talks in his sleep (see #6) and at that point I am usually so frustrated and exhausted that I get no solid sleep. We are working on this one as I type.. I tried putting him to bed earlier tonight and gave him extra to eat before bed. 

6. Sleep-humming... LOUD, loud sleep-humming. Now when he's really tired and sometimes when he's actually asleep he does this super loud humming thing. Like he's almost trying to talk in his sleep and I think he's sort of soothing himself to sleep, but in any case it is so loud. Slightly hilarious, but mostly loud.

7. His hair is growing really fast- it is actually a little bit out of control and is starting to darken up again. 

8. Overall, I have to say that Jackson continues to be such a happy, active, curious little man. Every single time we go somewhere- no exaggeration- someone makes a comment about how we have the happiest baby. This is also related to #4 above, but he really is so happy. As long as he is not hungry or overly tired he is busy exploring and discovering. I see so much of Dan in him in this way. Sitting still is not an option!

Tomorrow JP and I are going to bask in the reality that is Saturday. We have some errands to run while Dan is off trying to fix his "new ride"... and those errands will likely include a walk on a trail to soak up the fall weather and hopefully a stop at a pumpkin patch of some sort to get some fall decor. We'll also be taking JP's 8 month photos tomorrow, so until then, here are a few more from Colorado- enjoy!

We started letting JP try small finger foods while in Denver (b/c I finally found gluten-free ones)... anyway, he VERY quickly figured out that it is much easier to scoop them into his mouth as shown in photo versus picking them up and then placing them in. Thank goodness for the disposable table covers I brought!

Daddy & JP's newest trick. Dan would say "Jackson, are you thirsty?" and Jackson would immediately close his eyes, tilt his head back and open his mouth and Dan would then squirt the water into Jackson's mouth. They both thought it was hilarious.

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  1. You should talk to my John about how to sleep through the sleep-talking thing. I apparently do it non-stop.


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