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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dinner with Jackson: Week 36

welcome to your weekly dinner date with my handsome little man.
tonight you are having applesauce and gluten-free banana bread.
highlights of tonight's meal includes showing off your new "give me a high five" trick, showing us how much it really ticks you off when we try to hold your hand to pray (he gets mad every single night at this) and watching your mother who should never be shown on film for so many reasons.

PS: As you will see from my less-than-stellar appearance, I did run AND survive the 5K race today! To most my time would appear to be ridiculously slow, but overall I am quite happy with it considering I haven't ran in so long. Now I have a base to go from- and lets be honest it can only improve from here!

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  1. Jessica, I really enjoyed watching this clip. It makes me think about how I should tape Maddie trying to do the sign of the cross before never know where her fingers are going to land as she trys to copy Scott and I. Also, congrats on the 5K!


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