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Sunday, October 10, 2010

dan's new ride (that doesn't actually "ride")

Dan bought a new truck that is actually very, very old. In case you didn't catch it, see here for the adventure- or lack of- that it has already provided. 

I have no idea what he sees in this truck. Whatever it is I certainly don't see it. I would say maybe it's a 'guy thing' but I actually think it's a 'Dan thing.' He has been working on this thing every day. I'm not sure what he has been working on exactly because it's still in a million pieces in our driveway, but either way this "truck" has been a big time sucker already. So, tonight he came in to get JP. He put him in the back pack and I thought they were going on their usual hike outside, but when I went out to find them I found that Daddy had put JP to work as his little helper. 

I started to ask them what they were doing, but they both made it clear that I was interrupting guy time. 

Admiring their progress. 

Watching this truck-fixing action bored me, so it was my turn to take JP on a hike to admire the fall leaves. 

The driveway up to Cottage Hill

Our little spot on top of the world- beautiful sunset tonight

Some of the mums JP and I picked up today - I love fall!!

Sammy watching us from inside. We would have brought him out with us but his arch nemesis (the neighbor's cow) was near and that only results in this feisty little guy obnoxiously barking like crazy. But that's a whole other story for another time.

After our little hike we went back to check in on Dan. He was still hard at work.

Quiz: what is wrong with this photo?

If you answered "that truck has no wheels" - then you are correct! And this is why before Dan was allowed to purchase this truck we shook on the agreement that Jackson is not allowed to ride in it until he is 5 years old. And the only reason I said "5 years old" is that there is no chance that this thing will still be running in 5 years. Correction: this thing isn't running today, so that sort of confirms my point. 

The one good thing about this truck. The Purdue sticker that was on the back window. 

And now my two mechanics are in bed- one sleeping, one watching the Reds in the playoffs- and this officially wraps up another weekend. I'm off to get things ready for tomorrow. There are bottles and baby food to be packed. Work bags to organize. Clothes to fold. Puppies to feed. And to do lists to make. Have a good night and an even better week!

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  1. It's a guy thing! Maybe a Jeff and Dan thing. Jeff totally wants to do this one day! Because of our home owners association we aren't allowed to have any "projects" in that's another reason we so badly want to move near your little corner of the world! :)


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