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Sunday, October 10, 2010

From Blind to Bold

Every Sunday morning I take notes during church service. I'm am avid note-taker everywhere I go. I stash little bits of wisdom in my journals and read back through them when in need of reminders. I have done it for years. I love these little notebooks of inspiration that I have accumulated- they have served me very well.

Today's message has inspired me to more consistently share my sermon notes with all of you. I am going to do this each Sunday because as I learned today "genuine gratitude (for all of God's grace and blessings) requires that we tell others what Jesus has done for us."

Dan, Jackson and I are so blessed to have found a church home that has completely filled us with faith, hope and love like never before in our lives and I hope that by sharing I can pass a little bit of that on to you.

Today's message came from John: 9- the story of the man who was born blind but was given sight miraculously by Jesus. Many lessons can be learned by such miracles. Miracles that God still provides us with each day. One such lesson is that God is ALWAYS capable of (insert the miracle you pray for), but He is just waiting for us to believe. Once we put our faith in Him, once we pass our burdens off to Him, once we truly believe that only He can make these miracles happen.. that is when he will make things happen for us. Maybe not in the way we think they should be done, maybe not on our timeline, but He always provides a way- the perfect way.

In this story in The Bible those around the blind man wanted to know what sins he or his parents had created that caused him to be blind. As if God would give blindness to someone as punishment. Jesus corrected them, he explained "Neither he or his parents sinned... this (the blindness) happened so that the work of God might be displayed in his life." Jesus knew that he needed to act out such miracles that had tangible results to help the weary and the doubtful see that he was the son of God, that he did have the ability to create miracles. It's amazing to think that He creates such miracles for each of us constantly and yet we still doubt Him. But, as a good Father,  He will not give up on us, He will continue to bless us, love us unconditionally and guide us. He is just waiting for us to really believe in Him, to really live our lives the way He meant for us. 

I think I have really blinded myself to so much over the last couple of weeks. I have allowed way too many distractions to blind my eyes to the most important things, allowing "stuff" to get in the way. This "stuff" is what lead me to get a little of course, deflating me a little bit. "I was blind, but now I see." But, today is a new day- another day to focus myself on living life the way it was meant to be lived. To go out and soak up all of the beauty God has given us and to give a little beauty back to Him by spreading love, faith and hope wherever I go. 

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