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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hands Tied

Let me paint a picture for you of yesterday & today:

1. Blackberry dead. It died last week. Replacement on the way.
2. Cell phone broken. Dropped on floor of grocery store. Sprint is making it ridiculously difficult to fix.
3. House phone off. We decided to get rid of our land line when we turned off the cable. Who needs one with cell phones?
4. Internet not working. When the telephone company turned off the cable and the land line they messed up and also turned off the internet. 
5. JP has a fever. Not eating well. Only wants his mama. 

This begs a few questions...
1. How does one call the telephone company to tell them that they messed up and turned off the internet when one does not have a telephone? 
2. How does one email or call their work team to tell them that they need to stay home with a sick baby with no phone or internet access?
3. How does one keep up with work needs with a sick baby to tend to?

I think someone was telling me to just disconnect today and focus on getting Jackson well by taking away all of my technology that I lean way too heavily on. My hands were literally tied today. Luckily, the internet came back on tonight after Jackson was tucked into bed so I am catching up on some work emails. But, you know, minus the sick baby, it was kind of nice not being online today. Totally unreachable. Perhaps I should make that the case more often. Of course, the control freak in me would require that it be scheduled way in advance and completely on my terms... but still, it might be a good refresh. 

Here's hoping that my little man skips the 1:30-5am party he held last night and gets some much needed sleep, waking up a happy and well baby!

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  1. I know exactly what you mean... The young adults from our church went on a retreat a few weeks ago down in Benton, TN for a little whitewater rafting. We were staying in a cabin in the middle of no where and practically had no technology with the exception of the television. No one out of our group of 16 had cell service for 2.5 days. It was definitely nice not having to worry about everything else going on in the world. The only downfall was having to go into town to get service so I could check on the kiddos back home :)


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