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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

... and we're back!

We are home from Denver! Before I share some pieces of our trip, let me begin by telling you about how it began and how it ended.

First, how it began. Rewind to a little over a week ago. Dan finds a truck he wants to buy. An old, old truck he wants to buy. He loves this truck, so I say go for it. I also think to myself "what a piece of junk" but the hubs loves it so he bought it. Now fast forward to about an hour before we need to leave home to go to the airport. Dan needs to take the puppies over to my mom and dad's house to stay while we're gone. He loads them into his "new" truck and drives off. I get a phone call about 10 minutes later. They did not make it. His truck has broken down. So to cut a long story short we ended up having to get a tow truck and were about 45 minutes later than planned in leaving for the airport. Needless to say my love for this truck has not grown since first sight. 

Now, for the ending to the trip. We flew into the airport mid Tuesday evening. We hadn't eaten in quite awhile so decided to grab something at the airport food court before driving home. Bad idea. On the way home I started to not feel well. Then Dan started to not feel well. Then lets just say that I was in the bathroom the majority of the night getting sick. As was Dan. We are guessing food poisoning. I will spare you the details, but I will say I have not felt this awful in a VERY long time. 

But the lesson is that it's not always about the beginning or the ending, but rather the middle- the journey- that really counts, so here are some photos from our visit in Denver with Dan's brother, our sister-in-law and our newest niece. 


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  1. Jessica...I agree with you, your trip may not have had a good beginning or ending, but from the pictures I can tell that you had an awesome trip.


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