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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

ABC and 123

This morning when Jackson woke up we began our normal routine... wake up, diaper change, then I sit him down by his toy cabinet in the living room to play while I let the puppies outside to go potty. Normally by the time I am back 2 minutes later he has emptied all of the toys out of the cabinet and is hard at work playing. But, this morning I came in to this...

 ... he had only pulled out his books and was "reading" away.

I was so proud. I have been working hard at making story time as fun as toy time for months.

He busied himself in his books for at least a half an hour. Meanwhile I was organizing our desk drawers and came across this little photo album that I had never used. One of those really thin ones meant to be carried in your purse. Then the idea hit me to make it into an "ABC and numbers" book for Jackson. Sort of like flashcards, but for use "on the go" with two big pluses - the sheet protectors make the cards unable to be torn and since they are in a book form he can't drag them all over the house which is one of his favorite hobbies at the moment. 

First, we gathered our supplies: the photo album, markers, card stock and a cutting device (scissors would have worked as well). 

I decided to change the "cover" of the photo album to a more interesting patterns. I cut off the cover of an old notebook and trimmed it to size. 

Our ABC pages! 

And numbers too...

A fun little project that only took about an hour, which isn't bad with a 10 month old "helping"!

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