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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

santa claus is coming... YESTERDAY

It is true. Dan and I already gave Jackson his main gift- his first wagon. We couldn't help ourselves- we knew he would love it, it was setting there waiting to be put together and... well... who could tell his face to wait another week? Not us. 
JP & Daddy... Santa's little helpers.

... seat backs, seat belts, cup holders... and WHY didn't I have a wagon like this when I was a child? Or, better yet, why can I not have one of these now?

Whoa, good thing my seat belt is fastened... this thing is cra-zay!


Someone was not very happy when the ride was over... 


  1. Aw, looks like he is loving his new wagon! When they're that young, the day doesn't mean a thing. better to get an extra week of enjoyment out of it!

  2. Enjoy the wagon JP - we love ours and it has a ton of miles on it! Mom and dad's muscles will be strong after pulling you around all the time.

  3. That looks WAY more comfortable than the wooden wagon I had when I was little(r)!


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