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Friday, December 3, 2010


Friday, oh Friday, how happy I am to see you. This week has gone by in somewhat of a blur, similar to the past month. I don't like when that happens, it makes me feel like too much of the same day-to-day-blah and not enough of the soaking up the beauty and adventure that comes when we slow down and enjoy the moments. But, I am determined to push the pause button this weekend and hold it as long as possible. 

In the meantime, here are some headlines of what has been happening around here...

Dan's crazy work schedule only got crazier last week. He worked long, long shifts that went through the night, causing him to miss out on a lot of the Thanksgiving celebrations. Thankfully as of the past couple of days he is back to his normal schedule. Lets hope that holds throughout Christmas. 

An update on our baby Bing. He had his surgery this week. He ended up having to spend 2 nights at the vet, the surgery took longer than expected, but he is back home now healing. He has a bright green cast on which we have to keep dry and keep him resting for 2 months. Someone do tell us how we are to keep a 90 pound, hyper German Shepard off his feet for 2 months. 

I am taking Jackson to the DR this afternoon to see if everything is okay. He broke out with hives last night, has had a runny nose for awhile now and just hasn't been himself. It could be teeth, it could be a virus, it could be an ear infection... but I won't feel okay about it until his pediatrician checks him out. 

Our Christmas tree still isn't up. When you add together all of the things I mentioned above plus 2 crazy work schedules it adds up to a tree waiting to be decorated. That will end tonight, even if it means me decorating it alone in the wee hours of the morning!

There is so much more running through my mind that I could write about right now, but I'm determined to check as many things off my work to do list as possible this morning while JP is resting at Nanna's so I can devote as much time as possible to my boys this weekend without work weighing on my mind.

More to come later!
Happy Friday,

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  1. Glad to hear Bing is going to be ok - lots of baby tylenol and benedryl maybe? It might help!
    Hope it's nothing with JP - glad you're going straight to the doctor.


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