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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hair Repair

Tonight Aunt Cherie gave Jackson his first official hair cut! The boy's hair was really beginning to look shabby. So much so that last week I got desperate and chopped a few pieces off with kitchen shears because they were the closest pair of scissors I could find. Thankfully we have a family full of hair stylists who are always on standby.
How to keep a hyper little boy still for hair cuts? Treats! Lots of treats.

Oh Jackson, give it up, you have a whole lifetime full of haircuts ahead of you from family.

That's better. Oh, this feels so good. Someone playing with my hair while I have a little snack.

Time to get rid of that party in the back.

Oh, Aunt Cher, can you take a little more off the side right here?

My handsome boy and his personal stylist! Ignore that face, he was happy on the inside. 

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