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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

your little hands wrapped around my finger, it's so quiet in the world tonight...

last night i had a lot of thinking time in my favorite thinking chair. jackson has teeth on the verge of cutting through which kept him up quite a bit last night. it was that sort of 'i just need my mama to hold me and rock me so i can get some peaceful sleep' kind of night. it's as if i had the magic touch that allowed him to instantly go into a deep rest by simply holding him, but the magic broke the second i placed my sleeping bundle in his bed. 

i wished mamaw the best of luck this morning when i dropped him off- it turns out cousin josie had a similar night so i think mamaw is going to have her hands full today! luckily i am working from home just in case i am needed i can get to him in a quick dash. during the many hours of groggy rocking last night i did some mental assessments and to-do lists with all that there is to do this week so that on friday i can truly cut the chord to work and relax and enjoy the christmas break. it may be wishful thinking, but in any case it's nose to the grind today through friday to see if i can make that wish a reality. in the meantime, here are some random updates on what else has been going on around here...

tooth #3 popped through last week for jp. we still have had least half of our christmas shopping to do. our prime time for shopping is post 8pm when jp is in bed and amazon is fully open, as always. the snow sunday evening put a damper on our plans with friends, we had to turn around and come back home after sliding around on the roads. bing's energy is about to come to a full boil and explode soon as he continues to serve his 2 months of healing duty indoors. sammy seems to think that having bing inside grants him full permission to act out. have i mentioned before how children of the furry variety can often times be more difficult than those of the jackson variety? i have avoided talking about it on here because my grandma reads my posts regularly, but her fight with cancer has gotten much harder in the past week with an emergency surgery followed by news that the chemo is not helping so there is most likely nothing else that can be done- you can imagine the string of thoughts/fears/prayers that statement brings about, all of which i'll have to address at some point, but for now semi-denial seems to be working out just fine until i can force myself to face it head on, but for now focusing on praying harder than ever before is what i'm putting my energy into and i can't think of a better thing for my energy to go towards than that. on a MUCH lighter note and to my grandma's amusement i'm sure, jackson's bag of tricks continues to grow, including clapping, waving, mimicking what dan and i do, playing peek-a-boo with his blankie, pointing to 'jp's tongue' and 'mama's tongue' and many more- genius, i tell you, genius. 

that is all for now- more to come later!

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