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Thursday, December 16, 2010

jp's to-do list

A lot of snow + living in the middle of nowhere on a hill = snowed in today! Yep, it's true, today marked the first day of the season that we decided venturing out was not worth it, but being a work day I had to balance both getting as much done as possible with the little man here. When situations such as this present themselves the simplistic beauty of 'to do lists' shine through- providing the focus we need to double, no triple, our productivity! (note to self: no more coffee today!). So, while I worked through my to-do list, Jackson worked through his own:

Jackson's Snowy Day To-Do List:
1. Start the day cuddling in bed with mama and daddy for a little bit
2. Hold snow for the first time
3. Learn to drink from a straw
4. Terrorize Sammy
5. Eat. A lot. As always...
6. Drag the clean socks waiting to be folded all over the house
7. Terrorize Sammy some more
8. Take first steps
9. Take 2 naps
10. ....

Wait. First steps? YES, he did it! You can imagine my excitement- I think my screams and cheers just about gave him a heart attack. He was standing against a chair hanging out and I put my hands out like I always do, trying to coax him into letting go and walking to me and he did it... the first time he only took one step but then he took 2 steps in a row a few different times. I am so thankful that it was indeed a snowy day that kept us both home so I could experience this moment with my little man!

So, now as he naps I must get back to work, but I was so excited to document such a milestone. I love you, Jackson Philip!


  1. That is so exciting! How perfect that you got a snow day to see your little guy's first steps!

  2. Thanks, Christy- I was and still am pretty pumped!

  3. Thanks, Jessie! I cannot believe how fast our boys are growing up!


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