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Sunday, December 19, 2010

oh, ho, the holidays...

At this point in my life I can think of few feelings that out rank that of it being Sunday night and knowing that I do NOT have to work tomorrow. Tomorrow (and the next couple of weeks ) are fully set aside for the most important things in life- faith, family and friends. And that is what Christmas is all about. 

This weekend was a great kick-off to Christmas week. Last night we celebrated the marriage of two friends. Absolutely beautiful wedding! It's funny how God brings people into your life at different stages- some for long periods of time, some for short and some for multiple. Last night we were blessed enough to be surrounded by a lot of friends who have been a part of our lives for a very long time and it reminded me of the roles each of them have played and the memories that come along with that. It was a reunion of sorts. 

This is JP's impression of his Daddy this morning. Lets just say that Dan had a good time last night. A really good time that resulted in a lot of dancing and strangely enough he must have caught some version of the "flu" this morning that left him home in bed while Jackson and I went to church. That's all we'll say about that except that I think he knows not to catch this "flu" bug again for a very, very long time.

Jackson. He is pretty cute... and I'm pretty sure he knows it.

Really putting on a show for the camera. And anyone else who will watch...

We ended the day having dinner with friends. The perfect little ending to a great weekend. Did I mention no work tomorrow!?!? Sweet dreams!

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  1. Your Jackson photos are just too darn cute... I mean seriously.... so adorable. Hope Dan has a swift recovery and an understanding wife. :)


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