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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

31 hours later...

After over 31 hours of travel from Cincinnati to Chicago to Hong Kong to Singpaore I am finally on the ground and in the office! I arrived last night (Monday night) just before midnight and after an attempt at sleeping a few hours I have been at the P&G office with a group of amazing women (I don't think I have EVER been in a meeting with only women, so we were all pretty excited when it worked out this way). One big perk to the all-women aspect is that during a short break today we ran into the mall that is connected to the office for a very fast shoe-shopping adventure. For some reason shoes in Singapore are very inexpensive whereas clothing and other items are more expensive than the US. 

More to come later with hopefully some photos after I have a chance to take some in the city. We have been in meetings all day and are going on to a team dinner, so there has not been a chance yet for any sight-seeing, but here is the 1 photo I have taken (from my BB- so poor quality), but it is proof that I was in China (Hong Kong) even if it was just the airport so I can check this off as a "country visited" ... that's the beauty with making Life Lists- you can make your own rules!

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