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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Singapore Sling: Check!

I honestly was so nervous about taking my first trip away from Jackson. I feel like I did a giant leap-frog over what most experience as their first nights away from their baby... usually a night or two away with their husbands a few hours away or maybe a short business trip a short flight away... not me, my first trip included flying literally to the other side of the world for 5 days and 6 nights leaving behind my most adorable baby boy and husband. Luckily for us all I also left behind a very helpful and trustworthy mother who was beyond a lifesaver, as usual. 

My biggest fear was... well, there were many, but let me say that none of them came true, I had no major breakdowns, Jackson was perfectly happy and healthy all week, I arrived back home safely, I had productive meetings, met some exceptionally amazing women and experienced an incredible trip overall. 

I learned many things while away, including how strong I am and I think Dan learned how strong he is as well. He realized he can take care of Jackson on his own- I use the term "on his own" lightly because clearly he had a lot of help, but lets be honest, we all have a lot of help every day with our children and our lives in general (whether that be from our parents, grandparents, friends, daycare providers, spouses, etc- I can think of zero people who truly "do it on their own"). So, in short, my husband is amazing- both for taking care of everything while I was gone and for, as always, being such a huge supporter of me and all my dreams. 

I took many photos on this trip (surprise, surprise.. right?), so I'll share a few tonight and some more in the coming days. I hope you enjoy and I hope even more that you too can experience Singapore or (insert an amazing place that is on your life list here) sometime soon!

Overlooking the city... skyscrapers as far as you could see

Every building was unique with incredibly modern architecture

Laura & Mercedes... two of the women I spent the week with! Laura came with me from Cincinnati and Mercedes is based in Colombia. Both are native Spanish speakers... I tried to follow along and actually caught pieces!

The Merlion- the official symbol of Singapore- half lion, half fish. 

Merce and I with our Singapore Slings- note to self: check off "have a singapore sling in Singapore" off of my life list!

Notice the look of sheer terror on my face! Holding a giant snake was NOT on my life list, but now that I did it I think I'll write it in and cross it off as a prize for surviving the experience. 

Laura & Sweta. Sweta is from India but is based in Sinapore... LOVED being surrounded by such amazingly strong and successful women from all over the globe. One of my favorite parts of my job. 

The most amazing building I have ever seen. This is a newly built hotel with the world's largest rooftop park.

Another view of the building above. Incredible!

More to come... 

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  1. Jessica, looks amazing and you did great. Yes it is hard to be away but you had an awesome experience that most will never get. You are right though, we are never alone while parenting and Jackson will not remember that you were gone but will one day enjoy being able to brag that his mom went to Singapore!


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