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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A rocky start to a Rocky week

One moment please... I am still laughing at my witty corny post title. 

All failed attempts at humor aside, we did have a rocky start to the week. Yesterday when driving to work Dan realized that all of the oil was leaking from the car. He quickly put more in before coming home to see what the problem was. Long story short, when he changed the oil and transmission fluid on Sunday something went wrong and lead to all of the oil running out of the engine Monday morning. I am no car expert but even I know that an engine with no oil can result in very, very bad things. So, this resulted in me working from home since we had only one car to work with and Dan using the morning to fix the car. Luckily, he figured out the problem and had it looked at by a mechanic to make sure. Car crisis averted.

Then the second rocky patch to our week was Jackson. Last night after he came home from Nanna's house he was in a great mood, as usual. This wore off as the evening progressed, resulting in a very grumpy, very clingy baby boy. He would not let me put him down. I started having nightmarish flashbacks to when he was a newborn when he would only sleep when I was holding him 24/7. So, we had a rough night to say the least. I think I got about 2 hours of sleep total. I held him the entire night. 

The poor thing is cutting teeth and it is making him miserable. He has been a teething rock start up to this point, so I can't really complain, but due to no sleep and a baby who just needs his mama I used a personal day and stayed with him at home today. I feel guilty for taking the day off since we'll be leaving for vacation on Thursday (that is where the "Rocky" week comes into play since we're going to Denver... home of the Rocky mountains... get it? Ha- lame, I know!)... but the whole "why must I feel guilty because my baby needs me is a whole different post...

Here is my adorable teething monster from this morning. Miraculously he has been napping on his own for 5 whole minutes as we speak... fingers crossed that he takes a full nap on his own and wakes up happy!


  1. NO GUILT Jessica about staying home. They will still make money today and sell a lot of stuff people need! You did the right thing as your baby boy needed you. The work will be there tomorrow.

  2. Try Motrin and then two hours later give him Tylenol. My Dr. had me do that with Troy and it worked miracles. Troy is horrible when he's getting teeth. I feel your pain.


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