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Saturday, September 11, 2010


I cannot believe it has been 9 years since America stood still on that September day in 2001, when we witnessed the unthinkable and we feared for all that we knew America to be. I think each of us who lived through that day can tell you exactly where we were, what we were doing and who we were with on that morning. I was with Dan. We were seniors in high school and had English class together when the first plane hit. Our next class was also together. We were student workers for Mrs. Giska which basically meant that we hung out together and didn't do much "work" at all. I remember watching the television all through that class period together and talking about what it meant, what was going to happen next and aching with pain for those who were living through that hell on earth... now, 9 years later each of us in this country and perhaps this world still feel the aftermath of that day. We will never, never forget. God bless America!

On a MUCH lighter note, today we purchased a new car! This purchase was actually slated for next fall in our family master plan, but we had been looking casually and came across one that was a great deal and we really liked so we spent a lot of time today at the dealership deciding if we wanted it for sure and we did! We are very excited to have a car (well, SUV) with more room, all-wheel drive which is much safer in the winter and overall exactly what we had wanted. JP seems to like it too :) 

It is now mid-evening and I am all packed for my trip, JP is in dreamland and Dan and I are relaxing and watching the Redlegs over a glass of wine. I'm going to try to sleep only a few hours tonight so that I will sleep for the first part of the trip, hopefully making the adjustment to Singapore time a little easier (12 hour difference). Wish me luck and say some prayers that I have a safe trip and that Dan and Jackson survive a week without mama. I prepared a "Daddy & JP's Survival Guide" that I typed and had Dan make 3 copies of (because we all know he will lose one or Sammy will eat it or who knows what). We reviewed it together tonight although I'm not sure how well he was paying attention since there was a football game on but he assures me he is "1000% confident" they'll be okay without me this week. And I am sure they will- I love my boys so much and will miss them way more than they'll miss me, I'm sure. 

I'll see you on the other side of the world!

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  1. Jess, I agree that we all know where we were 9 years ago today. I remember Nic Lawrence running through the halls yelling the news, and disbelieving him until I saw it myself in Begley's room.

    Your boys will be fine - they are surrounded by great support systems!


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