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Friday, September 24, 2010

This little piggy...

After work tonight JP, Dan and I went to the annual Antique Tractor Show to visit with Nanna, Poppy and Uncle Juey along with a few others. Jackson was in complete awe of all the noises and people to look at. I am not one to get too thrilled with looking at tractors or machinery in general, but the engineer in Dan enjoys it and the weather was amazing so I enjoyed being outside and who wouldn't love these adorable baby animals that we saw at the Petting Zoo?
Daddy showing Jackson all the animals

 Oh my, so peaceful

 Poppy petting the horse

 The horse checking us out

 Seriously? Look at that little pony

 Hungry little piggies

 Mama pig and her babies

 More piggies

 I love how this lamb made the strategic call to just jump into the food container. Smart boy.

And now onto the BIG news of the day- Jackson's first tooth finally popped through! It happened while he was at Nanna's house. Nanna emailed me and said "be sure to look at Jackson's gums when you pick him up" and I replied with "did he get a tooth? If he got his first tooth and I wasn't there I'm going to die" -well, he did get his firth tooth and I  didn't die, but I was very excited!

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