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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Simple Saturdays...

JP and I were bummed to learn that Dan had to work all day today. So, all plans changed. Since we had a full day ahead of us for 100% Jackson/Mama time we took full advantage. 

We started the day meeting our friends Kristen and Abby at Starbucks. Once appropriately caffeinated we headed to the park to hang out for awhile in this amazing fall weather. 

Once we left the park and parted ways with Kristen and Abby Jackson and I decided to go to the mall to hit all of my favorite places that normally bore Dan: Crate & Barrel, The Container Store, H&M and The Gap and The Children's Place. Jackson did his best to appease me and hung in like a champ, rebooting his energy with naps in the car. 

Now we are home and semi-watching the first Purdue football game of the season and anxiously awaiting for Dan to get home so we can spend some family time together. 


  1. aw! i love him at the front door! i'm gonna have to use that one ;)

  2. aw! love him at the front door! i'm gonna have to use that one!! ;)


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