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Friday, September 10, 2010

The calm before the storm

I feel like I have electricity pumping through my veins today. This is combined with a very uneasy stomach and compulsive need to review my to-do list even more than normal. All signs that I am on the edge of what is sure to be something of an emotional breakdown -hopefully of minimal magnitude- at some point over the next few days as I leave very early Sunday morning for my first business trip away from Jackson. 

I have been struggling to communicate effectively why it is so important to me to never miss opportunities such as this, even more now that I am the mother to the most amazing baby boy, but then I came across this quote from of my favorite blogs and she summed it up quite beautifully:

"I often challenge myself to recognize the many facets of my identity and to understand that motherhood does not completely define me. I want to set an example for my girls of fulfilling my one wild and precious life with a great many things and giving them the freedom to explore the wonders of the world in their own way." -Kelle Hampton

If I could, I would pack that little boy up in my suitcase, or better yet go back to the days of pregnancy when he was with me seamlessly all day and all night, nestled in my belly where nothing could touch him, nothing could harm him and the movement of me living life was all it took to soothe him. 


  1. Hey Jessica! I love reading your blogs! Don't have a breakdown... You have a beautiful baby boy and he knows how much his Mommy loves him. As hard as it will be to leave him for so long, and as much as you will miss him, I think that you will be glad you went. It's an experience of a lifetime to get to travel, even if it is for work, and Jackson will grow up knowing that his Mommy is fearless and steps up to challenges. Jackson will miss you, but I'm sure that he and Daddy will have some fun while you're away, and think how much fun it will be to come home and realize how much they missed you!!! Take care girl, and it will be ok! Have fun!

  2. My first business trip was when Chloe was only 3 months old. Nothing was sweeter than seeing Tim and Chloe waiting for me at the airport. You never like leaving, but I promise it will get easier. Your career is a big part of who you are and part of what makes you a great Mom.


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