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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Headlines from August 18, 2010:

1. First thing this morning Jackson had to get a vaccine at the pediatrician. He did great! We have chosen to put him on an alternative schedule that basically requires that he only get 1 type of vaccine at a time so we don't overload his little, growing body. He was a big hit in the waiting room- he literally had every nurse and receptionist on their feet talking to him because the boy is a FLIRT. Big time. 

2. Today, Uncle Juey started High School. BIG day. Jackson missed getting to play with him all day since he has been home on summer vacation, but Jordan reported back that he had a good day. He refused to answer a lot of questions, but I think we're all still in shock that he's old enough to be in high school. Crazy! Luckily, he let me live vicariously through him last Saturday morning by letting me take him school supply shopping- my MOST favorite day of the year throughout my entire childhood!

3. My 4th niece is on her way into this world as I type this very post! My sister-in-law and brother-in-law have been at the hospital all day as Sarah's water broke early this morning. We are all anxiously awaiting photos and delivery details from Denver!

4. I had way too much on my to-do list for today, so I am officially putting the list away for the night and am going to be at peace with the fact that yes, there are dishes in the sink that still need to be washed and no, I did not have time to puree the sweet potatoes for the newest batch of baby food. They will just have to wait until tomorrow. Look at me not over-obsessing (pay myself on back)!

5. And lastly, word is just in that yes, Jackson is still the most adorable thing I have ever seen. Check out my handsome little man in his tight-fitting-ducky-robe from bedtime that Nanna bought him. 
Post-bath, pre-story time & pre-clothes. When we get to the "putting on PJ's" part of the bedtime routine this smile quickly fades. The child likes to be el natural. Which is why I often come home from work and find him in diaper only- Dan gives into the no-clothes preference. 

Check out my rolls. 

What a face! Clearly getting tired at this point. He looks like a grumpy, chubby old man!

There's my happy boy!

JP chattin' it up. This is his new thing. He talks with extreme tongue movement. 

Check me out, ladies!

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