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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Nothing great has been & nothing great can be accomplished without passion. -G.W.F. Hegel

Greetings Friends!

It has been a few weeks since I set in stone my '2nd Half of 2010' Goals, so I thought today might be a good day to re-visit those and to review my progress so far. I always find that when I'm feeling a little 'stalled' or not moving forward on all cylinders, I can usually perk myself up pretty quickly by reminding myself of my priorities.

1. Sign up for & run a race (5 or 10k): IN PROGRESS: I have researched some potential races, but I just need to sign up and more importantly run more often so I'm not "that lady" who finishes the race last.
2. Find a regular volunteering opportunity at church: IN PROGRESS: Last week I attended a mandatory training class for anyone who will be volunteering with children. This week I will be volunteering 2 evenings at Vacation Bible School and then am hoping to find a regular Sunday to volunteer each month in the nursery during church services. 

3. Establish a monthly date day/night with Dan: IN PROGRESS: We are planning a Saturday to go canoeing hopefully later this month. The biggest challenge is finding a weekend that we are: 1. available and 2. where we have plenty of time that weekend to spend one-on-one time with Jackson since we'll have to give up an afternoon of JP-time and 3. Finding someone to keep the little man. Thankfully, we have the last part taken care of as my cousin Sara said she would keep him for the afternoon while we go (thanks, Honorary Aunt Sara!). Further, we have our canoe trip purchased since it was the Groupon deal of the day last week so we got 50% off!

4. Save X amount of $ for our home addition: IN PROGRESS- we are right on track for this one!

5. Finish our home addition plans and begin construction: IN PROGRESS- we are making a lot of great progress in this area. We met with an architect and contractor last week and walked them around our home to share with them our plans. The architect came back Friday evening and Dan helped her take all of the measurements she needs to model our home in CAD. We are meeting with her via phone tonight to go over next steps!

6. Create and finish our will (sorry, a little morbid and slightly depressing, but must be prepared now that we have a little guy who depends on us): IN PROGRESS: We have had the discussions needed to be had to fill out the document, the document is completed, but now we need to make time to get the needed signatures and authorization. 

7. Update our family master plan: COMPLETED!

8. Simplify all aspects of our life (everything from our material possessions to our routines): IN PROGRESS: Dan has been doing a great job of cleaning out some of his junk possessions from his workshop areas outside. I worked on cleaning out our kitchen cabinets this weekend and made a lot of progress- we had so much stuff that we never used- totally wasteful, so I have a huge pile that I need to take to Good Will.

There is still a lot to accomplish, but I feel good about the progress we have made in just a couple of weeks! One big area that I need to revamp already is my exercise plan- the going-to-the-gym-at-work is just not working, I'll post more on that later this week along with a new plan- suggestions are welcome!!

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