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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sewing Level: PRE-Beginner

Last night I undertook my first real sewing project. Dan, JP and I had gone to the library yesterday afternoon to pick up "The Sewing Bible"- the must-have book for all the real sewers out there according to the online reviews. So, being a real sewer now (or attempting to be) we just had to have it. With book in hand we went to the fabric store. We picked up all of our tools, fabrics, threads and headed back home to tackle project #1 which was making a new bag. See my finished product below- notice there are no close-ups... there is a reason for that. Or, many reasons for that. But, I wore my bag proudly to church today! Oddly enough nobody commented on my new, beautiful bag. 
This bag is not perfect, but this baby is.. lets focus on him instead!


  1. If I would've seen you at church I would've commented on it! You know I would! The fabric looks cute! I still need to make time to learn how to sew but I seriously have no idea!!!! Maybe once you get in a little more practice you can teach me?? Deal?

  2. Thanks, Ray!! I know, you totally would have complimented my new bag. Just for that, I'm going to make you one too!!As soon as I am more confident in my skills we can have a sewing lesson party!


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