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Monday, August 2, 2010

You guessed it... more {DESIGN} ideas!

A few more design ideas for the renovation of Cottage Hill! Our architect let us know today that she has been working on modelling our house in CAD. We are hoping to speak with her tomorrow for an update to see how things are moving along. In the meantime, here are a few more ideas that I found...
I really like the simplicity of white cabinets and thought this splash of color on the insides was a great idea!

Wouldn't these be the most adorable little beds for our little ones?

I love the way the black & white photos pop with the gray wall. 

My kind of color scheme. And maybe one day I'll be a professional-level sewer who can refinish chairs like this. 

Simple, love it.

Sweet little bench. 

I really adore window seats. Not a big fan of these colors, but I like the overall idea.

This looks like a peaceful little spot to put on makeup... it probably wouldn't be so peaceful in reality, but I would still like to have this setup!

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