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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lovely, lovely little things...

I am sure most of you have seen this video- Jessica's Affirmations:

This video has had more than 3 million views online over the past few months. Now, she is incredibly adorable and it is pretty hilarious, but there are a lot of videos online that are adorable and hilarious. I think the reason we love watching this so much is that we are in love with how freely and openly she is in love with her life. How much she appreciate every thing, every little thing. 

Can you imagine how much happier we would all be if we really thought about how much we love so many of the things in our life? The little moments that we breeze through way too quickly? How amazing it would be if we all took more time to savor the moments that mean so much. 

Here are a few very random, very simple, very "small" things that I am loving from the past few days: 

that jackson is a complete rockstar and now sleeps through the night again (or at least has for the past few nights- HUGE progress). that today my dad watched jackson all on his own for a couple of hours- i don't know why, but that made me happy that they had that one-on-one bonding time. also, that today my aunt sandy helped watch jackson for an hour- i love that i have the best family in the world who will drop anything to help us when we need it. that my grandma is now HOME- she has so many challenges in front of her to beat this horrible disease, but she has already come so far from where she was a couple of weeks ago- miracles happen!. that my mom e-mailed me the other night to tell me a story about my 14 year old brother- she said that he was eating an ice cream sandwich and was telling her how good it tasted and how "it really took him back to his childhood"- he's such a wise old man in a 14 year old's body. jordan (younger brother) also went to the courthouse this week to research some family history- i love that he is so interested in learning more- he is such a knowledge-craver, i love that about him. that one of my best friends is due on friday with her first baby- i love that she's about to experience the most amazing thing ever. that fall is right around the corner- my favorite season. that i received the sweetest, most beautiful email today from a blog follower- to quote her she said that my post this morning helped "feel like a big hug from God"- it doesn't get much better than that. how jackson now gets angry in the mornings when i turn on the lights- it makes me laugh every time, how does he already know to get grumpy because it's time to wake up. 

I could go on. and on. and on. but i won't, because like i said, my child is finally sleeping and i'm still crazy enough to stay up way too late every night. so, i'm now forcing myself to bed!

Good night and sweet dreams!

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