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Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday Morning...

I feel the need to stick up for myself a little bit after last night's posting because I received some pretty harsh feedback. I welcome anyone's opinion- but the truth of the matter is that there is not one single thing I have ever done for Jackson that was not preceded but A LOT of thought, prayer and research. This is true of our decisions when it comes to breastfeeding, making our own baby food, an alternative vaccination schedule, who keeps him while I work... and now sleep training. Every choice is made with 100% love and with his best interest. The fact of the matter is that the little guy was just sleeping so poorly that I was concerned that it would interrupt his development- something had to be done and you know what, he slept last night better than he has in months and he woke up this morning happy, smiling and is visibly more rested than he has been in days. Trust me, if he cries too long after 3 nights of this then I will reevaluate our plan, but I have confidence in my motherly instinct that this is the right thing right now for him. I have said time and time again that every baby is different and their needs change constantly. Jackson would not have been ready for this a month ago or even 2 weeks ago, but he is now. That's something only a mother knows. I also have to say, this was much tougher on me than it was on him, so lets not be overly dramatic- lines must be drawn with all children, even the young ones. This is a step my pediatrician told me I needed to take at the 4 month mark and I just wasn't ready. Okay, enough of my rambling! I took the morning off so I'm going to go play with my happy little man!

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