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Friday, August 27, 2010

Speedy Catch Up

How is it Friday already? This week went crazy fast. I know I say that a lot. I feel like a broken record, but it's true- time flies when you're having fun! In an attempt to give a speedy catch-up on Life on Cottage Hill, here are a few random updates and stories from this week.

1. The week started out with a bang. Literally. A bang to my head. We had a meeting at work that was themed around baseball and the Reds. To kick off the meeting two of the men in lead got up in front of the room (of about 50 people I am guessing) and decided to get everyone pumped up by hitting t-shirts into the "stands" like they do at Reds games. So, they stand up and proceed to hit the first t-shirt with a bat- meanwhile, I am sitting in the second row with a hot cup of coffee and BANG, I get hit by a line drive to the side of my head. My coffee goes everywhere and the room erupts in laughter- big time. I am in shock. My good friend, Kristen (shout out :O) quickly helps me clean up the coffee- I think her exact words were "here, I have a black dress on, I'll get it for you" and proceeded to wipe up the coffee on my chair with her clothes- now THAT is supportive! The poor guy who hit me in the head- we'll call him, Hector (because that's his name), felt awful. Seriously awful, which only made people laugh more. To make a long story somewhat short I was the running joke of the entire meeting and week for that matter. On Thursday I was walking down the hall, thinking that the joke was long forgotten, when a roll of paper towels came flying at my head. I ducked. The guy said "just seeing if you're used to things flying at your head yet" -oh, so funny and hopefully soon forgotten. 

2. Dan, Jackson and I booked flights this week so we can go to Denver early next month to meet our beautiful newest niece, Violet! It will be JP's first flight and first time meeting his Aunt Sarah, Uncle Brian and cousin Violet O. 

3. Speaking of travelling. I will be going on a business trip in a couple of weeks to Singapore. I am excited since this is my first time to that country, but pretty nervous as well to leave Jackson for the first time. I know Dan has everything completely under control and both Grandmas are close by for back-up, but it will still be emotional I am sure!

4. The Reds are in first place still. We are HUGE fans if I haven't mentioned that before and are pretty pumped about the fact that they are currently 4 games ahead of St. Louis!

5. Tomorrow we will be having the entire Hoffman family over for a cook-out. I am really excited- this is the first time in a long time that all of my cousins will be together at once. We are a very close family and as we all get older and busier and somewhat spread apart geographically it makes it more and more challenging to get everyone in one place, so it should be perfect!

Okay, I must cut myself off from this speedy catch-up so I can go prepare some things for tomorrow's get together and maybe make some more baby food while Dan and I relax and watch the Redlegs while JP is in dreamland. 

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